Feb 1996 Recycle Bin

Screen Saver O' the Month

Not available on diskette or CD-ROM.

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Screen Saver O' the Month

Submitted by Ed Burkle, Asheboro, N.C.

This Baby's Wired

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This Baby's Wired

Submitted by David Berkowitz, Granada Hills, Calif.


Finally, the perfect pet for those averse to the pooper-scooper. Unlike the three-dimensional breed, these dogs won't munch files, but they will bark, play, eat, sleep, learn tricks and develop their own personalities, thanks to artificial intelligence. Adopt the pooch of your choice from the Dogz, Your Computer Pet CD-ROM or the company's Web site (http: //www.pfmagic.com/dogz/adopt).

$19.95. PF Magic, 800-482-3678, 415-495-0400.

By a long shot!

"Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons."

--Popular Mechanics, 1949

Useless Dialog o' the Month

Due to a system error, Setup cannot show a dialog box.

Submitted by Bill Lenherr, Caldwell, W. Va.

Become a Billionaire

Technophiles who are bored with low-tech board games should take a look at TechnoTycoon. In this Monopoly-like game, wannabe billionaires try to spin their $50 million into a cool billion by developing and selling software. Penalties include advertising costs, putting out a new version and income taxes. $29.95. YES, Your Expression Solution, 800-U-BUY-FUN, 206-439-7581.

The Almighty Bill?

Was there some truth to those rumors about Bill Gates buying the Vatican, or does it reveal the true source of his power? At the very least, this has to be one of the most blatant cases of copyright infringement in creation.

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The Almighty Bill?

Submitted by Kevin Belanger, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Hi-Tech Pet Rock

Ever wonder where all those dead DRAM chips go? They're reincarnated as RAMinals, and you can have your very own. $6.95 (plus $2 shipping). 14-E Co., 619-325-7010, fax 619-323-3177.While you're out Net surfing, be on the lookout for amusing sites. If we publish one of your picks we'll send you a cool WinMag mug and T-shirt. Send submissions to Nancy A. Lang. To find her E-Mail ID Click Here

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