January 1996




by Fred Langa

Douse the flames. Today's disk compressors are worthy of praise.

The Explorer

by Mike Elgan

Software Davids have banking Goliaths quaking in their vaults.

Readme File

by Fred Davis

MPEG: The latest PC video standard is coming to a Windows screen near you.

Windows at Work

by Cheryl Currid

Make a resolution to work smarter in 1996.

Dialog Box

by Bradley R. Johnson

The most overhyped product in history is worth the hype.

How To

Optimizing Windows

by John Woram

Boldly go where no FileMan has gone before.

Getting Started

by Jim Boyce

Emerge from the Dark Ages and let Explorer enlighten you.

Power Windows

by Karen Kenworthy

Create data backups that will make Mom proud.

Networking Windows

by Eric Carr

System Policies can make users toe the line.

Windows NT

by John Ruley

The crystal ball reveals a bright future for Windows NT.

Programming Windows

by Martin Heller

Ever notice the "hottest" products always seem to come from Redmond?

Cover Story

The Worst and Best of Win95

You saw the overviews, read the reviews and tried the previews. You experimented, compared and researched until you hit the saturation point. Now you're ready for a close look at Windows 95 in the real world. Here are its winning and losing features, a guide to making the OS fit your personal work style, and easy fixes to some serious security problems.


A Gaggle of Gigs That Won't Break the Bank

We've finally gotten past the "gig for a grand" price tag of high-capacity hard drives. These days, adding a 1-gigabyte drive to your system costs only about $350. Here's our take on four EIDE 1GB hard drives from the leaders in the field.

The Sound & the Fury: Multimedia Upgrades

You don't have to abandon your multimedia-challenged PC to take advantage of all the terrific CD-ROMs coming on the market. These upgrade kits will let you add a sound card and CD-ROM drive--with varying degrees of difficulty. Which work best? Read on.


Kill Your Fax Machine

Pretty soon, your old friend the fax machine may be nothing more than a chalk outline on your desk, victim of a not-so-untimely death. Windows 95 and Exchange have the traditional fax sweating bullets and running scared.


NEC Versa 4000C and 4050C

NEC is edging into the realm of perfection with its innovative and elegant Pentium-powered Versa 4000 line. Its wide variety of features and options provides versatility that's sure to impress.

Paradox 7

Paradox 7's traditional sophistication and processing power have been prettied up with a more intuitive interface and a battalion of Experts to lead you through common database chores.

Toshiba Tecra 700CT

The Toshiba Tecra 700CT balances its hefty weight and price with an equally massive list of features, including a 120MHz Pentium, quad-speed CD-ROM drive and 11.3-inch screen.



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