Project Log

January 18th, '20

Now the long-awaited project update has come, now you may find what marvels I've wrought; look upon my works, ye losers, and despair.

To explain the removal of my Higurashi patch download and subsequent lack of any news on the matter, the tone of the project has shifted once again, forcing me to reinvent the wheel in many regards in order to bring out the best, I daresay definitive, method of reading the novel. Consider any versions you've seen, or Heaven forbid downloaded, a rough draft and not in any wise representative of the destination of the project. Among the new changes are a glossary menu written by myself, detailing choices made and more elusive Japanese terms and concepts. The manner of translation itself has shifted again; I am now checking each Japanese line through machine translation (though the base is still the offical, commercial translation) in order to see how some things could be rendered better, and what precisely is missing. The Nerve MIDIs' clipping became increasingly bothersome to me, and I later found that one of the tracks does not play correctly at all in ONScripter, so I've opted to include the Japanese Higurashi Hou rips of them, which I deem to be of quite good quality; probably the best we currently have. I studied soundfonts to attempt to imitate the MIDI sound that was used in the original rips from the game, but it seems Ryukishi used Yamaha hardware, whose soundbanks are mostly hard to obtain online. Of course, there is plenty of time to correct this if the Hou rips are found unsatisfactory, so please do contact me if you have informantion on the matter. Lastly for now, I've undertaken retranslating and recreating all of the image text assets, as I found MangaGamer's to be of very low quality and questionable translation (not to mention some were missing). My image editing skills are quite advanced, and I believe my content unlock screens to be the most eye-pleasing and accurate ones yet seen in English.
From all these things and countless more hurdles, it's obvious that I've carved out way too much work for myself. I work at a snail's pace, and can make few promises, but if all goes as it should, the next release should still be Watanagashi, including a heavily revised translation of Onikakushi. If you're looking to get into Higurashi now or in the near future, consider my version for a re-read in the future. However, I promise that I shan't drop the project for any reason as long as I am physically and mentally able, and living. I offer great thanks to those who know better than I, for their advice and teaching. And thank you for waiting, if you will, with anticipation of the definitive English Higurashi.

Also there's a Di Gi Charat screensaver I made and a bunch of upcoming changes to the site coming up that I haven't got round to putting out, I guess I have a busy life; really not sure what I'm doing anymore.

January 15th, '20 - here it is

In light of the fact that my Twitter is nonsense, and that many people who may be interested in my work might not have an account (shoutout to /jp/) I've made this page in order to discuss periodical breakthroughs, changes, announcements, and rages relating to my work on the Higurashi English Remake, my own novel projects, very sparse efforts in making interactive games, and my own random pursuits. I've got a lot of trouble staying motivated, and when I am motivated to work I don't often mention it, so this page should hopefully change that. At some point I'd like to add a simple comment section (if possible on Neocities) but in the meantime you may always contact me for any reason.