Various fun and educational files for use on the personal computer machine.

Di Gi Charat Screen-Saver

I, chaoskaiser72 have made this glorious screensaver in The Games Factory 2. Dejiko-chan gets launched away by Usada and must bounce around till she hits a corner. If she does hit a corner, the screensaver should restart. If it does not restart, it is a bug and Dejiko will probably hang there forever. The physics and collision detection are atrocious; this is purely the fault of the engine and cannot be fixed. After you've downloaded the thing, double-click it to make it run or install it from the right click menu I guess, it might work, it might not work at all. Requires 800x600 screen resolution, and may require Windows NT or higher. After you've installed it, you can disable either the nyo sound effect or the MIDI music from your screensaver settings. This is version 1.0, maybe I'll make a 2.0 where Dejiko fires her eye beam at Usada when she hits a corner or something. Music sourced from Aquanote.

KAISERNET Ripcord Theme

Pledge your allegiance to the KAISERNET! Based upon colours taken from this site and some other classic interfaces, I've put together this theme for the Ripcord client for Discord and Slack - optimised to be soft on the eyes and offer decent contrast. Simply drop custom_theme.json into c:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Local\Ripcord, then restart the program for changes to take effect.

Tsukihime desktop gadgets

These little 32-bit Windows programs seem to be very old and officially made by Type-Moon; they used to be hosted on RadicalR's "Stuff" page, but now only their English patches remain there. I have no idea how to apply the patches so don't bother asking - nobody needs 'em anyway.

CExtract - Clickteam game unpacker

This can extract and modify assets from games made in the classic Clickteam game engines Klik-N-Play, Click and Create, The Games Factory 1, and Multimedia Fusion 1. It's floated around the web and is currently hosted on a forum post, so this download is for archival's sake.

Last RLDev maintained by Haeleth

It's spring 2020 and the dev site of the legendary visual novel translator Haeleth has gone down, and is suspiciously excluded from the Wayback Machine. There wasn't much there that is useful to us in the current day, and maybe this is not useful either, but I've provided it for archival purposes: the Windows builds of the last "official" version of Haeleth's RealLive extraction tools, RLDev 1.40. I'd assume this is approximately what he used for the engine work on Insani's ever-important Planetarian translation. If you're looking to do your own work with RealLive, you might need to look elsewhere.