Revi┼┐ation XXXVII; February 9th, Anno Domini 2021.

To you se Laws I now descrive,
For that your Swink may be reprieved.
Of all of these, se chiefest know:
Once ye join, ne'er may ye go.

Second is, not no les,
Love your Neighbour as se rest:
For given Neighbours were to you,
By God first, and Country too.

If Country be in Disarray,
In that shall Neighbour be all-way:
But if you show to him this Law,
From her, some wisdom may he draw.

Purchase not one Visual Game,
For in this buying there is shame:
Se Merchant peddles spoilt wares,
And Time he grasps as like a snare.

Issue n'one apology
If in you no fault be.
It gladdens a foe when you genuflect
While se Forgiveness of profit ye oft neglect.

Visual Novels take you none
If from se Steam ye see they come.
Perverse are these iterations,
With Neathers heading up translations.

Let not se mowing of your lawn
Be done by daughter, wife, or fawn.
For over this ye must be Drightens -
Else, by Woman you've been beaten.

Arch Linux is good and well,
But users of his will always tell.
Unsightly count'nance and ugly frame
House a Neather bearing shame.

Simp you once, men you are,
Simp again, you've fell quite far.
For from s'instinct spawn'd we all,
And from it, good men lost their gall.

Kia drivers may we not
Allow to park in drive nor lot.
For decadent these Neathers are,
In choosing not a better car.

Inquiries of Joe I will not hear,
But ye may know he should be fear'd.

May ye ne'er read Tsukihim',
For filth he is, as I deem.
S*xual perversion and underage drinking
Comprise a book which pollutes se thinking.

There has not been an horny me:
And never shall I horny be.
If this sacred vow I break,
I pray se Lord my posts to take.

Those were se Laws of se Kaisernet site -
Fit for every Man and Wight.
Worthy may ye then be call'd,
If them ye follow, one and all.