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It was a tale of another lazy day.
A brother's impatience at a sister's dalliance, viscious attack left them blindsided.

A tale of two young men taking on the world.
Becoming legends, but losing something in the process.

A tale of anger and reconciliation.
A long tale that may make your interest wander.

A tale of one who held the world in his hands.
Betrayed by his own, a maverick in a cold new land.

Most of all, true tales that have happened in this world or another.
Please enjoy and absorb up the story.


Hooziyo Satoco

CV : nitro_carwash
Sister of Hooziyo Satosi.

Unfortunate product of a broken home.
Is it her fault? or someone else to blame?
You may decide at will.

Please do not lay judgement too thickly...

Hooziyo Satosi

CV : chaoskaiser72
Borther of Hooziyo Satoco.

In that year, his life met an early end.
How many more chances are left? how long will his patience last?

Usiromiya Dennad

CV : Demoliti0nMan
The endless mind befuddled many.

A man who is not restrained by the expectations of society.
Please do not mind if he asks where you live.

Changes from the original HAT
Sample image (Click to see larger image)

More than two years have passed since the release of the original HAT by chaoskaiser72.
Please enjoy the new content added since then.

-The game now features compressed music.

As a result of much more added content, the original music has been compressed to 32 kbps MP3.
The download size is now over twice the original.

-Voice acting is now featured in some stories.

This novel program now features character voices for certain characters in certain stories.
I hope you will become even more immersed in the stories.

-Animations have been added.

HAT is now a technological marvel featuring many scenes of animation.
Cinematics help to tell the many new stories added to the novel program.

-Interactive scenes

HAT is not only a visual novel program.
There are also multiple scene of interactive game.

HAT ~Final Edition~

Circle name : KAISERNET
Game engine: ONScripter-EN
Media : Net download

OS : Windows 98 SE and up
CPU : Pentium 4 equivalent recommended
Memory : 256 MB recommended
VGA : 640x480 and up
HDD : Over 512 MB recommended

Release : Early 2021

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